Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Welcome to my hardcore punk blog/online fanzine/whatever you want to call it. It will feature interviews, MP3 uploads, photos, record write-ups, old zine scans, and much more....

To kick things off, here are various Citizen's Arrest photos that Daryl K sent me a few years ago to go in a zine that unfortunately I never got around to printing. I'm trying to hunt down the interview I did with him for it too; more info when I find it (edit: see a few posts above!).

What makes bands like Citizen's Arrest special is that they manage to make most other hardcore bands sound completely redundant. They make you say "why aren't more bands like THIS", whilst you suppress the urge to kill. Ofcourse the fact that there isn't more bands like them is precisely the point. They were one-of-a-kind and far from generic, despite being firmly rooted in classic hardcore (SIEGE probably being the most obvious influence). I'd go as far to say that 'A Light in The Darkness' is easily one of the 5 best hardcore 7"s of the 1990s (along with Infest: Mankind, Neanderthal: Fighting Music, No Comment: Downsided, Crossed Out: S/T, and the Rorschach/Neanderthal split...YES! However I feel bad for leaving out H-100's...argh!)

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