Wednesday, 5 November 2008

CRO-MAGS 1984 demo songs...

Here's a treat, 2 previously unreleased 1984 CRO-MAGS demo songs released as bonus tracks on the remastered CD of 'Age Of Quarrel':

1. You'd Be The Death Of Me.
2. Hard Times (early version).

There's 3 demo songs on the CD, but I didn't want to upload them all since I have no idea if this CD has even officially been released yet. Anyway, if anyone has any info (i.e. the line-up on this demo, when the CD is being released properly etc) please leave a comment.

Note how the riff 1 minute 23 seconds in on 'You'd Be The Death Of Me' was later re-used in the song 'Face The Facts'.

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