Sunday, 4 January 2009

DYS live at Love Hall, Philly '83 MP3 upload...

Welcome to 2009 everyone. In celebration, let's all time travel back to 1983. Here's a really good DYS live-bootleg set that is apparently from a show on 28th May that year at the Love Hall in Philadelphia. It sounds like a soundboard recording. Although they're not my number 1 favourite early Boston band, in their prime DYS were so good - the speed and rage of songs like Brotherhood and Circle Storm, the moshy neanderthal beats of City To City and Wolfpack, the youthful enthusiasm of More Than Fashion... Even if you don't agree with their lyrics, it's hard to deny the POWER to their music. Staggering really. As a sidenote, I think the DYS LP has some of the best production on any hardcore record. Radiobeat was probably the best studio for early hardcore (listen to DEEP WOUND for further proof, or any of those early Boston records infact).

As you can see above, this show had an AMAZING line-up - SS Decontrol, DYS, The FU's, Jerry's Kids AND Antidote - with a ridiculous flyer to top it all off. With a line-up that solid you would have had no time to get food during any dud bands. As someone who "wasn't there and so doesn't know what they're talking about" I can imagine that even if each band played their at their worst - with half of SSD and DYS off secretely getting wasted backstage before playing their sloppiest and most embarassing sets ever - to an even worse crowd who only came because they saw the flyer and thought Manowar were playing, this would still have been an amazing show. Judging from this bootleg it probably was. I much prefer this DYS live set to the CBGBs one, where Dave Smalley's voice is much lower and sounds more forced/strained. On this set it's hardly any different than on the record, cracking all over the place. Also it includes an interesting live version of Escape, the dirgey Sabbath-heavy closer from their LP. I'm a big fan of the slow dirge tracks that all the Boston bands seemed to do, and it's cool to hear a good live version of this one.

Does anyone know if recordings of the other bands sets exist? It's also interesting that no local Philadelphia bands were on the bill. YDI?

If for nothing else, it's worth it for stage banter before 'Insurance Risk': "Brothers and sisters, you do not have to turn to drink. Coca Cola offers a viable alternative. Beer is the evil tool of communists, homosexuals and the devil".

DOWNLOAD HERE (I'm sorry that the tracklisting is messed up, I couldn't re-tag them with the correct titles)

Here's a video from Love Hall, Philly, not the same show though. See more in the user's related videos.


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thanks bro!

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Incredible! Do you happen to have that flyer in a higher res or size? It screams bootleg t shirt.

Earthdog70 said...

Does anyone had audio of the reunion show?