Tuesday, 8 July 2008

DIE KREUZEN interview + live videos...

Links to these Youtube videos were posted over on the daghouse messageboard, and I thought I'd post them here as a follow-up post to the 'America's Dairyland' Midwest compilation tape I uploaded below.

First is a bizarre TV interview from 1983 with DIE KREUZEN, where they in fact mention some bands on the 'America's Dairyland' tape (SACRED ORDER, GFO etc), talk about why they called their 7" 'Cows And Beer', and what it's like being a hardcore band in the Midwest when everyone thinks the coasts are the only places things are happening... The show is called 'Who Am I', I have no idea if this was on a regional show or public access or what, but I've seen a few other videos before that are from the same show. If anyone knows more about it, please leave a comment. The interviewer seems far removed from punk, asking the token questions: is it violent, what do your parents think etc.

Here is the interview, in 2 parts.

And here are a few songs from their live TV set that followed the interview:

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