Friday, 11 July 2008

The results of this weeks poll (favourite classic Slap A Ham record...)

Here are the results of this week's poll, for favourite classic Slap A Ham record from the following list.

It was always going to be between the 4 heavyhitters: NEANDERTHAL, CROSSED OUT, NO COMMENT and the CROSSED OUT/MAN IS THE BASTARD split. I would be naturally inclined to vote for INFEST if any of their proper records were released on Slap A Ham, but since the P.H.C. split is only a live recording it doesn't make my cut for favourite... I can't say I'm surprised that NO COMMENT won, since it is a perfect record, but I personally went for NEANDERTHAL above all. That record destroys worlds. Ofcourse there are other good records on Slap A Ham, including the EYEHATEGOD/13 split and NOOTHGRUSH to name just two, but I wanted to keep things strictly hardcore (even though sludge IS hardcore in my eyes) and strictly "Slap A Ham-classic" (LACK OF INTEREST is the only later record included just for the sake of it.)

Infest/P.H.C. split flexi 2 (3%)
Neanderthal: Fighting Music 7" 15 (25%)
V/A: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! The Record 7" 3 (5%)
Charred Remains/Pink Turds In Space Split 7" 0 (0%)
Crossed Out: S/T 7" 9 (15%)
No Comment: Downsided 7" 19 (32%)
Crossed Out/Man Is The Bastard Split 7" 7 (11%)
Supression/Despise You Split 7" 2 (3%)
Lack Of Interest: Trapped Inside LP 1 (1%)
A 2nd rate fastcore record that isn't listed above because it's not as good... 1 (1%)

Votes in total: 59

I'm away for a week on holiday, so no posts for a little while. I've got some cool posts in store for when I return, so get excited. In the meantime, I recommend you buy and listen to the new GAUZE LP on Prank. Oldtimers showing everyone how it's done.


Anonymous said...

I voted for DOWNSIDED, only because if you set it aside from the whole PV thing, its the perfect thrash record. Neanderthal woulda been #2 though, its straight up the most sickening tortured stuff ever put to wax. It makes the worst of Eyehategod sound like Devo.

Brushback said...

Holy crap, that's a heavy-duty poll you have up now (fave Mid-Western HC band), especially since you left off NA... tough choices

justin said...

Bummed I missed out on this poll, but I guess my one vote would not have made a difference. Is there really enough that can be said about the Slap a Ham label? I wish I had the entire catalog, but what I do have is treasured. Not gonna miss the next poll, thanx.

Anonymous said...

I would've gone for raised ignorant by capitalist casualties. That is the most perfect PV 7" of all time I think.

Ben said...

no comment downsided FTW. perfect. the most perfect record ever.

Anonymous said...

It's almost impossible to list a favorite from this solid label. Burning Witch, Despise You/Suppression, Anarchus/Monastery, Grief, Phobia, Plutocracy, Stikky, Spazz, No Less - the list goes on and on. If it wasn't for my discovery of Spazz and this label in high school I'd probably be listening to some hipster bullsh*t or something like that.

Fibro said...

awesome blog, congrats!!
too bad i missed it...
anyway i found this slap a ham link that is really useful

RobxT said...

Thanks for the link Fibro, very useful!

To anonymous: not only is 'Raised Ignorant' by Cap Casualties blatantly not the most perfect PV record, it's not even reaaaally power violence in my opinion (not that it mattaers). Not a bad band by any means, but nowhere near as good as the classic bands mentioned