Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I'M BUCK NAKED tape compilation ('84) upload...

If you thought the Mox Nix demo was raw, you're in for a treat with this one.

Here's a great compilation tape put out the monster of compilation tape labels, BCT (Borderless Countries Tape aka Bad Compilation Tapes), from 1984. The tracklisting slightly varies from the one on KFTH, as it's from the CD reissue that had tracks from the 'Eat Me' comp tape too (and has the tracks by European bands taken off). Although this was reissued on CD, I think it's pretty hard to get now...

Download here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q0Z21SDP

This is another great comp that features lesser known bands who deserve to be remembered. It's got some bands you might know (Psycho, White Flag, Diction), and lots you probably don't. All you need to know is that it has one of the highest concentrations of extremely sloppy, angry, urgent and raw 80s American hardcore punk to be found in one place...

Band-by-band overview:

LOVE CANAL: Steady hardcore from CA, named after the FLIPPER song I assume. They put out an LP later on the same label as PLAIN WRAP incidently.

SUBURBAN DECAY: One of the comp's highlights! Sounds like a practice recording. Totally intense and raging Midwest hardcore. Their 2nd song cuts off half way through, shame.

NO RESPONSE: Another Midwest treat, and a comp highlight. Intense hardcore, GREAT VOCALS.

EAT THE RICH: Sloppy hardcore punk from CA, singing about nuclear radiation and other staple subjects of the 80s. Good.

THE DRILLS: From Seattle, and easily the tape's sloppiest and most pathetic band (but still strangely appealing). A drum machine too, and nonesense jabbering vocals. Eat your heart out ASSERT.

ACCELERATORS: Mid-paced hardcore from NJ, singing about killing the rich, Reaganomics, and teenage zombies...YES!

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Steady and raw hardcore from the NY area, nothing special.

DETENTION: Third comp highlight from this NJ band, in the Killed By Death tradition of raw hardcore punk rock, with great lyrics! You might know the classic song 'Dead Rock And Rollers' from KBD vol 2. "WHY COULDN'T IT BE BARRY MANILOW!"

PSYCHO: Radio recordings from Boston's long-lasting fast hardcore band PSYCHO, good stuff.

WHITE FLAG: Early hardcore songs from a band who later played total shit. This is pretty good stuff though.

DERANGED DICTION: Great tracks here from this Montana band. Catchy fast hardcore. "ARE YOU READY TO KILL, ARE YOU READY TO DIE".

CORRUPTED SERVICE: Dirgey Midwest hardcore, slow pace. Not bad.

UNEXPECTED: Another band from NJ, fast and humourous hardcore, the sort of thing that you'd expect to hear on Ax/ction Records.



Yorkshire said...

The Drills 'Skull Music' 7" is great. Pathetic is right!

Brushback said...

Awesome blog site you've got here-- "You breed like rats" is from a No Trend song or something, right?

Or it's from some dirgey 80's DC band, even if I'm not getting the name right...

RobxT said...

Yes, that's right, one of the best LPs ever!