Thursday, 19 June 2008

The results of this weeks poll (favourite NYHC demo)...

To keep a log on the weekly polls, I'll make a post after each one has ended with the results...

It was no surprise that the Cro Mags demo would win this one. More interesting is the fact that Citizens Arrest came second! I'm not sure if that's a sign of a growing general appreciation of that great band, or just a reflection of the kinds of people who read my blog (i.e. similar tastes in hardcore)... I feel sorry for the Krakdown and Warzone 'Tommy Rat' demos though (as if they were living entities)...

Cro Mags AOQ demo
21 (39%)
Altercation demo
3 (5%)
Krakdown 87 demo
0 (0%)
Breakdown 87 demo
9 (16%)
Citizens Arrest demo
10 (18%)
Beyond Dew It demo
1 (1%)
Raw Deal 88 demo
7 (13%)
Warzone Tommy Rat demo
0 (0%)
Life's Blood demo
2 (3%)

1 comment:

justin said...

I really like the concept of having these polls. I'm sorry I missed the voting on this one, but I would have voted the same way it turned out anyway (Cromags 1st, CA 2nd). Thanx for all your time and energy.