Saturday, 7 June 2008

SUBURBAN VOICE #41 compilation upload, and OUTPATIENTS demos upload...

The winner of this week's poll ("Favourite 80s hardcore compilation LP...") was 'THIS IS BOSTON NOT LA', closely followed by 'FLEX YOUR HEAD'. As a sort of tribute to this historic victory, here's two uploads:

1) Another comp which features some classic Boston hardcore, and
2) demo recordings from Boston's OUTPATIENTS...


This compilation CD came with Suburban Voice #41 in 1998, and is a selection of (mostly) good hardcore songs put together by Al Quint...

Download here.

This comp includes rare and live tracks by various bands from the early 80s to the late 90s, many of which you probably know and some who have been forgotten or overshadowed by their contemporaries.

The highlight for me is the song 'Police Brutality' by Boston's short-lived DXA (who's members incidently went on to play in the MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, just like IMPACT UNIT). Anyway, this is a GREAT song; high energy sonic speed hardcore, that can clearly be compared to 'My America' or 'Brotherhood', but faster! I think if they'd had written and recorded a proper record (and probably released it on X Claim), they might now be placed alongside bands like SS DECONTROL and DYS in terms of classic-status...maybe. It's a shame they never had the chance either way. I have no idea how many songs they actually recorded or how many shows they placed...if anyone does, leave a comment. Interestingly I've also seen this song labelled as 'New Right' rather than 'Police Brutality' on a few radio shows; does any one know which is the right title?

Edit: Chris Minicucci (Mind Eraser/Painkiller Recs etc) over on the Livewire Board provided this info: "Finally tracked down someone who knew about this, and that song on the SV comp is off of a live soundboard tape from the Rat. Unfortunately the person wasn't too keen on giving the rest of the set out. No studio recordings exist. Al's source for the comp was that he taped it off a radio show back in the day."

Other highlights include: a YOUTH BRIGADE song (Stern Brothers not DC) taken from the original, and better, recording of the 'Sound And Fury' LP; two good COC songs from the great No Core compilation EP 'Why Are We Here?'; radio and demo songs from JERRY'S KIDS, THE FU'S, RAW DEAL etc; a pretty good HAYWIRE song (a band which was effectively just members of HALF OFF attempting to be NO FOR AN ANSWER); a good song from the VICIOUS CIRCLE (RI) 1984 demo, and some good raw songs by Al Quint's own band NO SYSTEM...

It has horrible shit on too (SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN, HORACE PINKER etc), but just skip any dud songs...

Full tracklisting:
01. Proletariat - Abstain (demo)
02. Youth Brigade - Treachery
03. Corrosion of Conformity - Indifferent/Too Cool
04. DXA - Police Brutality
05. Jerry's Kids - Cracks in the Wall/Tear It Up (live on WERS)
06. Psycho - Contempt (live on WERS)
07. Outpatients - Pushbutton Warfare
08. MDC - John Wayne Was a Nazi (acoustic at UMass)
09. Stretch Marks - Dog's World
10. Vicious Circle - My Life, My Rules
11. Sorry - Misanthrope (live on WERS)
12. FU's - Lick My Shiny Boots (demo version)
13. Moving Targets - Changing Your Mind
14. Offenders - Impact
15. No System - Doomsday
16. No System - Life in General
17. Instigators - The Fix (live in Denmark)
18. Justice League - Chain of Strength
19. Burnt - I Wanna Pet My Cat (radio)
20. Raw Deal - Fear in the Streets (live)
21. Wrecking Crew - Judgement
22. Shattered Silence - Insecure
23. Half-Off - See It
24. Haywire - Pain
25. Kingpin - Let Go
26. The Showcase Showdown - Bob Barker Is Innocent
27. Horace Pinker - Hummingbird
28. No Fraud - I Like Hate
29. Adrenalin O.D. - Status Symbol
30. Nine Shocks Terror - Prozac Logic
31. Ensign - Say It to My Face (Underdog cover)
32. Avail - Midtown West
33. Rat Bastards - Let's Get Tough (Bad Posture cover)

Vicious Circle, taken from KFTH.

2. THE OUTPATIENTS DEMOS (taken from 'Hardcore Outcasts Revisited' CD).

I've uploaded this because the track on the Suburban Voice comp is, in my opinion, one of the weaker songs from the demos, and I didn't want to give anyone the wrong impression of the band. Good youthful and energetic Boston hardcore, some of which reminds me of early ARTICLES OF FAITH mixed with the JERRY'S KIDS songs from 'This Is Boston Not LA'...or something. Some really great manic drumming in places. These songs were recorded at various times at Radiobeat studio in 82-84, and featured DEEP WOUND'S Scott Helland on bass (who also strangely went on to be in DARKSIDE NYC)... This was known as the "Basement Tapes" for years, until it finally became more widely heard through the CD reissue. They later released a few records which I haven't heard, but I'm told are more crossover. Some of their demo recordings were also reissued on CD alongside the great DA STUPIDS demo, which I'll be uploading in the future...

Download here.



Suburban Voice On-Line said...

hi! Just came across this post. I actually made a mistake when putting out this CD--the DXA song was called "New Right." I think what happened was the Necros' "Police Brutality" was on the mix tape I lifted it from (I just had the songs listed--not the artists). So there 'ya go. And it is, indeed, from a board tape in '83.

Chimu said...

Perhaps I can clear up some of the facts about the song "New Right", erroneously titled "Police Brutality" on the S.V. Compilation. I was the bassist for DxA (a.k.a.: "Diagnosis: Apathy") and wrote the music and lyrics for that song. We recorded that along with "Miller Lowlife", "Blind One" and a fourth (the name of which escapes me) at Radiobeat studio in Kenmore Square, Boston in 1983. Al likely recorded it off the air from WERS, as they played our demo a bit. We did play the Rat, but this was not a live recording. When Radiobeat "closed" no members of the band bothered to collect the 8 track master tapes. To my knowledge, no members possess even a cassette dub of the session. I went on to play trumpet in the ska group "The Cheapskates" with rehearsal space neighbors from "Impact Unit", "DYS", "Stranglehold" and "Gang Green". This led to the "Bosstones" in December of 1984. John "Tim" Burton (the other "Tim") the guitarist for DxA- and friend since 3rd grade- joined on Tenor sax in March of 1985. I left a few months later. So there you have it: the DxA Story.

Chris said...

Hey Tim, Chris W. here, wow it's been a long time. Just came across this blog doing a search for DXA after hearing some skaters on the street talking about us as great back in the day...unreal, more than 20 years me fired up :) Anyway, I still have a demo tape, I'll get it up on the web at some point. Get in touch brother: chris(@)

Chimu said...

To all following this, Chris W. was DXA's singer. Sorry for not crediting before Chris. John "Tim" Burton was the guitarist (Tenor sax on 1 song) and I played Bass. Louis played drums which- I feel compelled to add- were color coordinated with his ever present leg warmers (?). If anyone knows the whereabouts of Louis from DXA, please point him in the right direction. Thanks!
-Tim B.

White Rose said...

This looks like a killer comp! Instigators rule!

rathbone said...

hey chris
that demo has to be released,new right is a stone cold classic.been looking for info on the band for years,love to get a dub of the complete demo! did you guys play out much,never seen any flyers with your name on

rathbone said...

hey chris
you have to get the demo officially released,'new right' is stone cold classic! been looking for info on the band for years,did you guys play out much? would love to get a dub of the complete demo,up there with all the old boston bands